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Through this blog we hope to give you access to good information that will give you the confidence to help you make the correct choices for your body and lifestyle. Choices that will help you adopt a healthier, fitter and more balanced approach to everyday living!

Along the way there may be tears, frustration and maybe even a few chuckles too! Ultimately we want to give you the best advice to educate you in how to tackle this crazy game of life in a shrewd, strong and confident manner.

Daily Greatness Journals!

When I coach clients, I remind them that “If you don’t write it down – I can’t help you!”

I’ve realised of late with the good old chaos of

A Natural First Aid Kit

Today I thought I would share with you what I keep in the house as a natural first aid kit/remedy kit.  These are all very effective and easy

It’s beginning to look a lot like Summer!

Summer must be on it’s way as I now have the start of the “vibram five finger tan” on my feet (always a good look on a night

Ladies who Lunch

You may have noticed that the blog has been a bit quiet of late.  Both Sam and I have been busy studying hard for our relevant diploma courses! 

Our Essential Piece of Kit!

Sam and I are in agreement that there is one piece of kit that we couldn’t live without – the Gymboss!

I know what some of you are thinking

How can you progress you fitness?

If you have been exercising for quite a while you may be keen to know how to progress your fitness, especially if you have achieved your initial goals

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