At this time of year we love to enjoy the festivities and all the food and drink that comes with it.  It is a wonderful time to celebrate and enjoy.  Here are just a few suggestions to combat the effects of what lies ahead.


  • The 80/20 rule.I love this.  The body will sustain a fairly good battering before it finally gives in.  However, by being good and eating for your metabolic type 80% of the time,the other 20% is for the indulgence (not Over indulgence!!!). Just Eat Real Food!
  • With the winter weather soon upon us, please remember WATER (and its FREE!)is of the utmost importance, especially if alcohol is flowing.  For every glass of alcohol, a large glass of water to follow it helps reduces the damage.  Also try eat some nuts or meat with wine, this will counteract some of the toxins.
  • Start the day with your usual good breakfast, aiming for a good lunch too as this helps to keep you on track for your 80/20 rule.
  • Still exercise!  Enjoy the fresh air, wrap up warm and brave the elements.
  • SLEEP. Its FREE! This will not be as good with the high sugar and alcohol intake.  However, by following the points above it will help your sleep stay on track.
  • Treat treats as treats and do not go overboard!
  • Don’t be mentally negative, it is a time to indulge and accept this, be youthful!  ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year