Today I thought I would share with you what I keep in the house as a natural first aid kit/remedy kit.  These are all very effective and easy to get hold of through online sites like Amazon.

first aid kit

The big bottle at the back is Apple Cider Vinegar – Used for a multitude of things!  I have a tablespoon of this in a mug of hot water with a teaspoon of honey if I feel I may be coming down with something.  This helps prevent my body from being in an alkaline state, where the viruses like to grow, and keeps me a little in the acid direction.

Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt I sometimes put a pinch of this in a litre of water to replenish my minerals after training.  This is a cheaper and more natural alternative than taking synthetic electrolyte tablets.

Cascara Sagrada – Now if, for whatever reason, there is a case of constipation in the house this is a wonderful natural supplement to use.  Never to be used for more than 5 days in a row as it can become addictive!!!

D-Mannose – This is for urinary tract infections – probably a topic all on its own and most certainly deserves to be discussed in further detail.  I would use this alongside a few other products to complete the process of getting rid of the infection.  A lot of females find that even after taking antibiotics they are still not clear of the problem, usually due to the nature of the UTI being ecoli based.  Again a very powerful and usually effective supplement to take.

S Boulardii – These are one of the probiotics I use.  The other would be Pro Bio by Synergistics Europe.  This should be taken at least twice a day for good effect.  It is important to remember that supplements are a form of food so must be taken on a regular basis for your body to remain in balance, otherwise you waste your time and your money.

Grapefruit seed extract This is my all time favourite “magic medicine”.  I disguise this in various forms for the kids as the taste is fairly vile.  I have used this to treat everything from an ear ache to a tummy upset.  I love this and if there was one thing I had to chose it would be this one.

The little nutri bottle on the right is a vitamin D supplement – important for the kids at this time of year and also a great boost for us adults.

GB (gaba) Calm – In my opinion the best sleeping tablet on the market.  GB Calm is something you can use every other night if necessary (be sure to check it is safe to use against any medication you may already be taking – especially if it is an anti-psychosis).  This gives you an immense RESTED sleep.

I could not forget to include the good old Arnica Cream and Tea Tree Cream effective for kids and adults.  Always good to make a little one feel better with some magic cream 😉

Finally –  Rescue Remedy – Use as and when your nerves need to be calmed down.

I hope this gives you a little insight as to what is out there and how to make the best use of them.  If you are looking for more info please just email me 

Sam xxx