Aileen Hill

After graduating from the University of Glasgow, I served for four years in the British Army, including training new recruits and active service in Iraq. Once married, I decided to concentrate on being a full time mum to my two daughters, Izzy and Sally. Having been in the Army, fitness has always played an important part in my life. Once I had my own children, I recognised the relevance of specialist fitness classes for ante and post natal ladies. This is when my interest in health and fitness really developed, prompting me to become an Instructor.

I moved to Dunfermline in July 2013 when my family re-located to the area after my husband left the Army. Here I was able to realise my personal goal to become a Fitness Instructor by enrolling on a range of courses in order to develop my passion. I am now a fully qualified Level 2 Exercise to Music Instructor, Group Training Instructor, Group Studio Cycling Instructor and most recently a Level 3 Ante and Post Natal Exercise Specialist. I am also a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals.

I am committed to continuing my professional development, which is a requirement of the membership to the Register of Exercise Professionals. My plan is to gain a nutritional qualification and become a Personal Trainer in the not too distant future. In addition I also aspire to expand both the number and range of classes that The Fitness Puzzle provides.

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Now 12 years on, both back in Scotland and married with two children each, we meet up again on a more regular basis.

As University Fresher’s in 1997, Aileen and Sam met at Glasgow and Strathclyde University Officers Training Corps, during their basic training selection weekend. Since then we have been firm friends!
We would spend most weekends either geared up in our Army kit to camp out overnight or dressed up in all our finery to experience some of the best regimented dinners that life had to offer. Holidays were spent mostly in the great outdoors doing things such as sailing the English Channel or climbing in the Himalayas. On top of all that we shared a flat together too!
When our time at University ended we moved our separate ways to follow our new careers paths. Both of us chose active, challenging jobs; Aileen joined the Army and Sam joined the Police.

Sam Weir

For 15 years now I have been practicing as a Massage Therapist (also served with Strathclyde Police for 5 years). Since completing my Sport and Exercise Science Degree, I have trained as a Holistic Lifestyle coach, Metabolic Typing Advisor (customised Nutrition), CranioSacral Therapy and Kettlebell Instructor. All of which have lead me to where I am today – running my private practice from the beautiful banks of river Tay in Highland Perthshire.

I am not your conventional Personal Trainer or Sports Therapist. I love the outdoors and only train in such. I compete in Adventure Triathlons and completed The Great Kindrochit Challenge Quadrathlon this year. I also added a new string to my bow – the Trail Cycle Leaders course, so now people can come and enjoy the surrounding area on a mountain bike with me.

I am very passionate about what I do and practice what I preach. As a mother of two, running my own business and maintaining my own fitness, it can all be a bit of a juggle, or as I often refer to it as the daily fire-fight!

What do I aspire to in life – keeping myself and my family healthy. This is why I am delighted to have started this blog. If you can take away even one piece of information and found this to be of benefit to you and your family’s life in someway then I have achieved my goal.

To Your Health and Happiness …………….