It’s beginning to look a lot like Summer!

Summer must be on it’s way as I now have the start of the “vibram five finger tan” on my feet (always a good look on a night out).  I love the fact I can

Ladies who Lunch

You may have noticed that the blog has been a bit quiet of late.  Both Sam and I have been busy studying hard for our relevant diploma courses!  But we haven’t forgotten about you!!!!

We decided

Farewell fantastic ’15! Now super ’16 starts!

2015 – what a fantastic year!  We survived our first year of blogging and are delighted with what we have achieved since the spark of an idea was mentioned over coffee one day!  It has

A little Festive Tip

At this time of year we love to enjoy the festivities and all the food and drink that comes with it.  It is a wonderful time to celebrate and enjoy.  Here are just a few

The Detox Phenomenon

Over the years I have done 10 day cleanses, juicing detoxes, 28 day low carb or 7 days of “being good”.

And I still come back to the same conclusion – Just Eat Real Food!

Our bodies

Video – The Instant Cure

Recently I did a fab little Skype interview with a wonderful guy who has guided me in my education to better health, Magnus Mulliner. Today I am delighted to share my video of it with

Looking after the ‘Girls’

Breast care is important to us Ladies!  We can only give you a snapshot into this vast subject here, however, as with almost everything we write about, if you changed just one small thing (be that with your


“Right! I shall start the diet on Monday!”

Very familiar words I hear said. In my previous blogs I have talked about learning to love yourself. But I also recognise that people are unhappy with various