Daily Greatness Journals!

When I coach clients, I remind them that “If you don’t write it down – I can’t help you!”

I’ve realised of late with the good old chaos of motherhood and work I have lost track

A Natural First Aid Kit

Today I thought I would share with you what I keep in the house as a natural first aid kit/remedy kit.  These are all very effective and easy to get hold of through online sites like

It’s beginning to look a lot like Summer!

Summer must be on it’s way as I now have the start of the “vibram five finger tan” on my feet (always a good look on a night out).  I love the fact I can

Our Essential Piece of Kit!

Sam and I are in agreement that there is one piece of kit that we couldn’t live without – the Gymboss!

I know what some of you are thinking – can’t you get an app on

Diane Nyad – Never Ever Give Up

I was planning on doing a book review and as I was looking through various books when I remembered about an inspirational talk my brother had told me about.  It was on TED (inspirational talks

Not So Much A Pain In The Neck!

Having practiced in remedial massage for almost 16 years I have seen a huge range of musculoskeletal problems.  Definitely up there in my top 5 would be tennis elbow or, on the odd occasion, golfers

Wow! I did It!

A friend messaged me to say that he was going on a handstand course to which my first response was “is he having a laugh”!  I then thought some more and bravely asked for the