When I coach clients, I remind them that “If you don’t write it down – I can’t help you!”

I’ve realised of late with the good old chaos of motherhood and work I have lost track of all that I want to achieve and where I want to be with work and life.

I have tried for sometime to develop my own journal for clients – it does the job, but its not got all the passion and drive I want from a journal.

So I decided to take a piece of my own advice and get myself a journal.


We were kindly given the Daily greatness Yoga Journal Limited edition and I had purchased the Daily Greatness Training Journal.

I was not disappointed.  It challenges you to putting pen to paper and commiting yourself to your goals of greatness.  I thoroughly enjoyed writing up my accomplishments and thoughts of the day as I sat quite for 5 minutes on the sofa when kids went to bed.  I was about to type “when the chores were done” – but sometimes I would go and sit because I could see if I accomplished what I set out to do that day and what I was going to be able to do better tomorrow.

These journals are a must have.  It was great to wake up and look forward to a positive day ahead of what YOU wanted and when you wrote it down, you were more likely to stick to it! Don’t get me wrong it was not all sunshine and roses – then you realise your period was due – you’d think after 25 years you would get the gist of it all.

It not only lets you see how far you have come but what makes you tick.  I though I was pretty aware of my body, behaviour and being; it appears not – more lightbulb moments.

SO, if you want to strive for greatness and actually see what matters to you in life – get one!  It’s your opportunity to self discover in your own time.

You also get to smile or laugh at yourself for being amazing that you got through the day and all is still well (only thing done was the dishwasher got emptied and everyone is still alive!) or for being a complete prat over something so small.

Let us know if you would like to purchase a journal – hello@ladieslunchandlunges.co.uk

Or use this link to recieve 5% discount – http://dailygreatness.refr.cc/LWQ7ZG3

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