How often do you give yourself permission to chill out or just truly enjoy some “me time”?

Us modern women are sooooo busy! Whether it is work or children (or both) that seem to fill up your day, it can be extremely hard to make a bit of breathing space for yourself – and boy I need that sometimes!

My classes have been quite quiet over the past few weeks as everyone it seemed, except me, was taking their summer break! In fact for one class no one showed up at all! Initially I was a bit disappointed but them I realised “I have a free hour”! I could have so easily of used that hour doing a bit more work but I though “NO, I am not going to look this gift horse in the face”! Since my mum was already booked to watch my girls for me I decided to head to a coffee shop, grab a drink and a newspaper and just take a moment!

The result – a less frantic, stressed out me! I actually gave myself permission to not do anything and it was great! In fact it was so successful that I am actually going to book a coffee date with myself every week! Just a little reward to myself that says “Yes, you do deserve a little treat”. I highly recommend that you do the same!