2015 – what a fantastic year!  We survived our first year of blogging and are delighted with what we have achieved since the spark of an idea was mentioned over coffee one day!  It has been a busy period for of us, both personally and business wise, but we are even more excited about what we want to do this year!

Sam’s sum up of 2015

I have to admit that sitting in a coffee shop just over a year ago, I didn’t think that we would have this new blogging website up and running, but it all progressed at a good pace and with great enthusiasm from all those involved.

It certainly made me question a lot of what I practice – in the sense that I was able to confirm I was going along the right tracks and that we need more of us to stand by the “self love” and “enjoyment of life” rather than being dictated to by social media.

This year has been different and enlightening for me as it was my first year not competing in adventure triathlons, therefore getting more time with the family!  I also felt I had to get back on track from running myself into the ground (trying to be wonder woman) and focusing on what my business offered.

So here I am in January 2016, with the aim of doing a small triathlon at the end of the summer.  I have moved my business out of my house (huge step and mentally clearing) and have signed up for another Diploma.  So, yes I have racked up the work again, but I feel it’s a good balance as I have realised that I am goal orientated.  My youngest heads off to school later this year too, which is making me prioritise my time available with him until then.  This will be a big change for us both, not to mention a yank on the heart strings/tearing my right arm off!!!!!!!!!

What do I want to do with the blog?

Well, I am excited about a few of the aspects we will take on this year.  We will be looking at more family orientated challenges – including activities for the little people – as well as introducing  a monthly book review.

Aileen and I will also be reporting on a few challenges we chose to do together as well as looking at some of the gadgets/kit we like to use.  Naturally we will share all our thoughts with you on the blog!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting us and I hope you continue to do so.  Our blog is here for you to get the most from so please email us with your news and views.

Aileen’s sum up of 2015

Sam has done a super job of summing up last year.  A year ago it was hard to imagine that we would be where we are today but it just proves that hard work, drive, a little courage and a bit of self belief pays off!  The best bit about doing this blog together is that we tend to bring out the best in each other as well as give unbiased support as and when required.

I have also discovered that you never stop learning.  A lot of time is spent on the research for each post to ensure that we are giving you the best and latest information.  I continue to be fascinated by the human body and love learning new ways to get the best out of it.  This made me decided to continue on my journey in the Fitness world and sign up to do my Diploma in Personal Training.  I undertook my Gym Instructors qualification in November and hope to have completed the full PT course by the Spring.

So what’s next?

Well, I want to continue sharing my advice and thoughts on the blog with you.  The best blog posts often come from questions that you may have – so please to get in touch and let me know!  I am also really looking forward to doing some challenges WITH Sam!  Additionally, I have set myself the task of running the Great Run in Edinburgh on 17th April and hope to raises some money for a charity to support those affected by Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Finally, I would just like to say a massive thank you to all our readers for your continual support.  We love hearing your feedback so please don’t be shy!


To your health and happiness!

Sam and Aileen xxxx