Summer must be on it’s way as I now have the start of the “vibram five finger tan” on my feet (always a good look on a night out).  I love the fact I can now get up in the morning and run in the sunshine, and best of all, myself and a friend got our first swim of the year in Loch Tay!

2016 is zooming past at a great rate of knots and I’m struggling to keep on top of things!  My diploma is almost consuming me (I seem to remember studying as being fairly straight forward 16 years ago – no children and no husband).  This time round though I have two little people that are very inquisitive about the bones I have sitting around amongst a pile of text books.  I feel so privileged to study my passion and get the opportunity to be this absorbed and challenged.  One big thing this course has taught me is time management – I haven’t quite mastered it but I realise if I want my home life, health and happiness I need to be more organised.  At the moment that means very early starts and an occasional extended clinic day – but it’s not forever.  In order to sustain this tempo I know I’ve got to eat well and a little gem of a book that I have picked up is Danielle Walker’s “Against All Grain – Meals Made Simple“. 

Her blog is full of really easy to do recipes and this book is no different.  They are meals that you can prep in the morning and then cook all day – ready for the troops to arrive at the table (and all those that know me, know I like my dinner on time – 5.15pm no negotiation).  Danielle basis her recipes on gluten-free, dairy-free and paleo requirements.  This way of living would stand most people in good stead for good health and vitality (but equally important to remember metabolic typing will be your closest guide to eating what’s right for you then you can adapt the meals to suit the family).  There are many things I am willing to forgo in order to get through this year – but good food is not one of them.   Hope you are all getting some of our long overdue sunshine – and take time to enjoy it!

Sam x