Breast care is important to us Ladies!  We can only give you a snapshot into this vast subject here, however, as with almost everything we write about, if you changed just one small thing (be that with your diet or lifestyle) you would be stepping a little closer to improved health.
For this post I interviewed Nancy Dale, a inspirational woman who became an expert in nutrition as a result of her own experience of breast cancer.
There is so much to discuss and I am hoping this gives the thirst to find out more.  I am treating more and more women within my practice and I believe that by helping them to understand how their bodies work is a wonderful gift to offer someone.  I love it.
Thermography breast screening
As spoken about by Nancy, she uses thermography as a way of screening for abnormalities in the breast.  I investigated a little more and for those of us in the UK; there are several facilities that offer thermography in England, but in Scotland only Aberdeen has the service available at present.
I decided to phone the main production company Meditherm to find out more.
So what did I found out?

Thermography works with physiology (that is HOW the body is works) where as a Mammogram works with structure (what your body is made of).

Thermography does not replace a mammogram, however it can detect any abnormalities years before a mammogram.  That means cancers can be traced well in advance of any mammogram breast screening program.

Thermography is a non invasive safe way of screening your breasts.
As you would get an MOT with your car, you would also get a yearly check up with thermography breast screening.
When you first get screened you would have two done, 90 days apart.  This is because your first screening is only a starting point until it is identified what YOUR thermal pattern is.  Thereafter it is done yearly.
The cost may vary.  For you first two screening and results the cost can range from £275-£375, then approximately £120 every year after.  This may seem like a lot of money, however this works out to be £7 a week for the first session and £2.50 a week for follow up appointments.
As a holistic practitioner, I cannot emphasise enough that prevention is better than cure.  We can all make those simple improvements in our lifestyles.  Our boobs should not be something to be fearful of developing a disease in; they were designed for nurture.  Being fully aware of what procedures and treatments are on offer to us and being FULLY informed or circumstances, allows US to make the best decision for ourselves.  I hope this has uncovered a little more information as to what is on offer out there and what you can proactively do.
To your health and happiness.
Sam x