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Through this blog we hope to give you access to good information that will give you the confidence to help you make the correct choices for your body and lifestyle. Choices that will help you adopt a healthier, fitter and more balanced approach to everyday living!

Along the way there may be tears, frustration and maybe even a few chuckles too! Ultimately we want to give you the best advice to educate you in how to tackle this crazy game of life in a shrewd, strong and confident manner.

Diane Nyad – Never Ever Give Up

I was planning on doing a book review and as I was looking through various books when I remembered about an inspirational talk my brother had told me

How to do a … ?

Since doing my Gym Fitness Instructors course last November I have become a bit of a “technique geek”!  So I thought where better to share my new found

Farewell fantastic ’15! Now super ’16 starts!

2015 – what a fantastic year!  We survived our first year of blogging and are delighted with what we have achieved since the spark of an idea was

The 12 Days of Fitness

The 12 Days of Fitness
Just in case you over indulged a little during Christmas Day here is a little festive treat from Me to You!


On the first day

A little Festive Tip

At this time of year we love to enjoy the festivities and all the food and drink that comes with it.  It is a wonderful time to celebrate

Not So Much A Pain In The Neck!

Having practiced in remedial massage for almost 16 years I have seen a huge range of musculoskeletal problems.  Definitely up there in my top 5 would be tennis

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