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Through this blog we hope to give you access to good information that will give you the confidence to help you make the correct choices for your body and lifestyle. Choices that will help you adopt a healthier, fitter and more balanced approach to everyday living!

Along the way there may be tears, frustration and maybe even a few chuckles too! Ultimately we want to give you the best advice to educate you in how to tackle this crazy game of life in a shrewd, strong and confident manner.

Advent Workout

Do you need a wee bit of motivation to stay active during this festive period?

How about joining us in an Advent Workout.

Everyday until Christmas I will post a HIIT

Top Tips for Winter Training

Welcome to the winter weather! The climate has certainly changed over the last week or two, and as always it can become harder to motivate yourself to exercise

Wow! I did It!

A friend messaged me to say that he was going on a handstand course to which my first response was “is he having a laugh”!  I then thought

How often should you train?

A few weeks ago we asked the readers of our Facebook page to suggest topics for the blog.

One idea was to write a blog on how often you should

The Detox Phenomenon

Over the years I have done 10 day cleanses, juicing detoxes, 28 day low carb or 7 days of “being good”.

And I still come back to the same

Video – The Instant Cure

Recently I did a fab little Skype interview with a wonderful guy who has guided me in my education to better health, Magnus Mulliner. Today I am delighted

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