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Through this blog we hope to give you access to good information that will give you the confidence to help you make the correct choices for your body and lifestyle. Choices that will help you adopt a healthier, fitter and more balanced approach to everyday living!

Along the way there may be tears, frustration and maybe even a few chuckles too! Ultimately we want to give you the best advice to educate you in how to tackle this crazy game of life in a shrewd, strong and confident manner.

Why you should exercise when you are pregnant

A very good friend of mine recently told me that she is expecting her first baby and, seeing as ante and postnatal fitness is my specialty, I thought

The Scottish Fitness and Nutrition Expo

A few weeks ago Sam and I decided to have a girlie day out. But instead of a relaxing spa day we opted for the Scottish Fitness and

Looking after the ‘Girls’

Breast care is important to us Ladies!  We can only give you a snapshot into this vast subject here, however, as with almost everything we write about, if you changed just

Do you need permission to relax?

How often do you give yourself permission to chill out or just truly enjoy some “me time”?

Us modern women are sooooo busy! Whether it is work or children


“Right! I shall start the diet on Monday!”

Very familiar words I hear said. In my previous blogs I have talked about learning to love yourself. But I also

How to warm up like a champion

A few weeks ago I explained to you why I think that it is so important to warm up before you start your workout. Today I am going

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