Over the years I have done 10 day cleanses, juicing detoxes, 28 day low carb or 7 days of “being good”.

And I still come back to the same conclusion – Just Eat Real Food!


Our bodies were designed to eat the three macronutrients – Fat, Carbohydrate and Protein – so it is important that we eat these. In what ratio depends upon your Metabolic Type (email me for more details sam@ladieslunchandlunges.co.uk).

Ideally we all want a “quick fix” but the truth is that they don’t last.  More importantly, our bodies can be very toxic, so to stress it more with severe dieting methods can make us feel worse.

So, other than finding out your metabolic type, what things can you could do?

Go Organic!

This goes for your household products, skin care products as well as most of the fruit, veg and meat you eat.  Othewise we run the risk of too many toxins entering our bodies due to the spraying of chemicals on our food and in the feed of our livestock.

People have said it is a more expensive way to eat – Yes it can be! However, if you have your food ratios and quantity right you don’t consume as much (you eat well and less is needed); as for the cost of your health later on, I personally feel it is worth every penny.

Some facts:

  • 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed.
  • A female will absorb on average 4lbs of makeup into her system in her lifetime.
  • Organic farming is sustainable.
  • Every structure and function of your body requires a nutrient – it’s all about the food.

For those of you local to me, we now have a delivery service to the Aberfeldy area from MacLeods Organics, of Inverness www.macleodorganics.co.uk.

Don’t give disease the edge on your health system.

Think long term.

Think manageable.

Think vitality.

Go organic and listen to your body.

Just Eat Real Food!

To your health and happiness.