Recently I did a fab little Skype interview with a wonderful guy who has guided me in my education to better health, Magnus Mulliner. Today I am delighted to share my video of it with you. In it Magnus aims to give us a little insight into the empowerment of our own health.

A little something from Magnus:

“No one has ever healed anyone of anything, only your body given the right opportunity can and will heal itself. The question is, how far down the ‘rabbit hole’ are you prepared to go to make the necessary distinctions in your life to prevent (by giving your cells what they want and remove all inhibiting blocking factors) yourself from becoming a medical statistic and or ‘disabled’. Ultimately become the change you wish to see in YOU!”
Wishing you all a joyous, fun loving year.

Love and light
Magnus A. L. Mulliner

Magnus and I chatted after our interview. We were talking about responsibility and why he felt woman were less likely to be “responsible” for their health. We discussed that in a lot of cases woman tend to be the “nucleus” of the house; the centre of “domestic operations” which usually require them to take on many different roles. Inevitably they put themselves at the bottom of the pile and view their health as a luxury that does not need to be addresses as there are more important people in the family that need attention. This is a topic I have touched on before in previous posts. If we truly wish to reap the benefits of good health we need to stop being so “selfless” all the time and learn to be a wee bit selfish every now and again.

I am looking forward to hearing your views on this as always.
Sam x