Welcome to the winter weather! The climate has certainly changed over the last week or two, and as always it can become harder to motivate yourself to exercise when you would rather be tucked up at home in the warmth. So here is Susan Deacon, from RunWell Fitness, with 6 of her top tips for staying motivated at this time of year (plus a few little gems from us)!

  1. Set a goal in your training, if you have an event that you are working towards then you will automatically be in the frame of mind to keep training. Look for something to do early in 2016 and plan your training.
  1. Find a training buddy and you can help keep each other motivated to get out the door. If you are doing something like running then this can also keep you safe during the darker mornings and evenings as you are not out there on your own.
  1. Be safe! If you are outdoors during the darker times of the day then wear reflective clothing or even run with a headlamp or light.
  1. Be prepared and layer up. You are much better with lots of thin layers than one big layer of clothing to keep you warm. You can then take off the thinner layers as you need to.
  1. Make sure you warm up properly in the colder weather, complete your mobilising exercises indoors before the session and then build yourself up into your exercise to give your body time to warm up properly in the cooler weather. Keep yourself moving as much as possible during your session and take your cool down stretching inside, and spend that time in the warmth.
  1. This quote ‘Bad Weather Always Looks Worse Through The Window’ is so true! Get out of the door and give your session a go.  There are definitely extreme weather conditions which are not fun to complete a session in, but in cold/ wet weather the sense of accomplishment after a session can be even greater than normal.  Don’t let the change in weather put you off.  Embrace it

In addition don’t forget

Keep it simple.  Maybe you’ve had a chaotic day and barely have enough juice in the tank to fall asleep while watching TV.  Scale down and tackle a lighter workout.  A little is better than nothing.

Short is sweet.  Every day doesn’t have to be a mammoth marathon. If you’re feeling pressed for time, even a short workout can keep your body in tune and your mind focused on fitness. Even 10 or 20 minutes is enough to keep you in the game.

Invest in a new gadget.  Maybe you need some new shoes.  Or what about Fitbit?  A new GPS unit or headlamp would be very helpful to your workout.  Wondering about how a new toy operates is a great incentive to stick to a workout.  Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it might also be what motivates you.

Do body weight workouts at home.  You don’t need a gym, you don’t even need weights.  You can get a decent workout by using your own body weight and household furniture.

Hire a trainer.  Getting a few sessions with a personal trainer might be just the kick in the butt you need to keep you moving.  Trainers can also help with setting goals and avoiding injuries.

Reward yourself.  There is nothing like the good old carrot to make a person step it up. Promise yourself some new shoes, a spa day, or some new workout gear if you meet your workout goals for the week.

Keen to find out more about RunWell Fitness?

Run Well Fitness was founded in 2012 by Susan Deacon who is a former GB International Sprinter. Susan loves to lead an active lifestyle which over the years has developed from experiences in elite sport and now into family life with her three young children where fitness has remained a way of life.

Susan is in a unique position in understanding the requirements of performance training as well as health and wellbeing for recreational athletes.

By applying a performance training attitude and mind set and using skills developed at the highest competitive level Susan believes that everyone can achieve their goals if they combine a bit of hard work with some well-directed motivation!